Our approach to provide solutions to your e-business problems evolves around three key areas: Strategy, Creativity, and Technology. At the heart of the whole approach is our MAPIT methodology that drives all our activities.


We determine initiatives that transform your business into e-business. It's not about technology... It's not about design... It's about business. It's about transforming your business to an e-business. It's about exploring the possibilities and discovering the full value the Internet can bring to your company.


We take an innovative, thought provoking approach that will make your business distinct from your competition. We implement with a look and feel that is professional and highly technical.


Technology is re-inventing the way the world does business. It is transforming business to digital business into e-business. This single fundamental transformation can reduce your overheads, save time, perfection, develop relationships, generate revenue, and completely re-invent the way you do business. We are not only using the latest in internet technologies but are also inventing new ways to use technology to transform your business into e-business.


Methodology means Management And Planning your Information Technology.

Methodology is a body of methods, rules and postulates employed by a discipline, a particular set of procedures in a specified field.


Management is the act of managing, the manner of treating, directing, carrying on, or using, for a purpose, administration, guidance, control.


Planning is an act of formulating a program for a definite course of action, the act or process of drawing up plans or layouts for some project or enterprise, the cognitive process of thinking about what you will do in the event of something happening.


Map To represent or indicate systematically and clearly, to sketch, to plan, as to map, or map out, a journey, to map out business.