The Enterprise Solutions

Landmark's ERP is a comprehensive Enterprise Solution for small, medium and large organisations, designed and developed keeping their key requirements in mind. This Solution can be customized and deployed on fast track. It caters the requirements in Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management and Supply Chain Management segments.

The solution is fine tuned to the requirements of the Small, Medium and large enterprises in terms of investment and functionality. The product is developed with Classic MRP-II methodology at the core of the functionality, which is integrated to the rest of the functional modules and works as the central control point of the application. The application addresses the India specific requirements such as taxation and human resources requirements apart from the standard ERP functionalities.

The product provides access control based on the organization structure. The workflow control of the application ensures standard control and monitoring of the activities. The application is built with the strong access control functionality, which act as the integrating force of the application from the functional perspective. All the modules of ERP are architecture to function independently as well as get integrated seamlessly as a one-roof solution.

An integrated enterprise system, provide the clients, with any time, any where access to the key metrics that drive their business.

Our leading product is easy to use, web-based solution that provides a one-stop-shop solution to the Airline Catering (Flight Kitchen), Manufacturing, Service and Process industries.

Solution Details

Whether you are a startup or an established firm, having disparate systems has always been the challenge. With this ERP you have all that you need in one solution.

This Solution is a framework based work-flow inbuilt business software solution system with multiple logical modules. These modules specially designed and mapped to meet the needs of a flight kitchen. It understands the requirements of In-flight service providers very clearly and addresses each and every business challenges the industry faces on day-to-day basis. The cycle approach adopted by it gives an advantage of modules plug-and-play and flexibility in implementation of this solution to the airline caterers.

The Cycles

  • P2P - Procurement to Payment
  • S2S - Schedule to Shipment
  • C2C - Contract to Collection

These cycles based business modules takes care of the complete data capturing, processing, mining and delivering the required right information at right time to the decision makers of all the levels.


Business Modules

  • Procurement
  • Receiving
  • Materials / Inventory
  • Quality Control
  • Accounts Payable
  • Operations
  • Billing
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Human Resource Management with Payroll
  • Customer Care (Base CRM)

Technical Overview of the Solution

Operating System

The Central Host server will reside on a Windows 2000 Operating System, while the Front End will reside on any machine, which supports the Internet Explorer latest version.


The proposed application will be on RDBMS chosen by the client (Oracle 9i / MS SQL Server). RDBMS manages resources optimally among multiple clients that concurrently request the same resource from the server. In addition, it provides various features such as retrieval of Data, Data Security and Data Integrity.

User Front-end

A GUI based thin client application will be the front-end component of the system. At every client workstation, Internet Explorer latest version, browser will be required.